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The Reeve History & Cultural Resource Center
is home to the Westfield, New Jersey, Historical Society.  It houses the Westfield

This 1870's home is now the headquarters of the Westfield Historical Society which also owns the Miller - Cory House Museum located at 614 Mountain Avenue. To donate or become a member, please follow the link at the bottom of the page.

The Miller - Cory Museum is open most Sundays from September to June except for holidays. It is also open during the week by appointment only. A listing of Miller - Cory events is available on the Miller - Cory House Museum website.

The circa-1740 Miller-Cory House was acquired by the Society in 1971. Located at 614 Mountain Avenue, it is operated as a “living museum” and staffed by Miller Cory House Museum volunteers.

Both the Reeve House and the Miller-Cory House are registered as national and state historic sites.

The Society also has an extensive collection, stored at our Archive, and open to the public on Tuesday mornings 10 am. to 12 pm. at the Westfield Board of Education Building, 302 Elm Street, Rooms 300 to 302.


Summer Concert! Party time!

On the afternoon of Saturday June 11th from 3:00-5:00pm the Westfield Historical Society will be hosting a fun music event with a good touch of history, to be held on the lawn at the Reeve History and Cultural Resource Center (314 Mountain Avenue, Westfield). We are delighted to have Al and Efrat, from the local band The Fine Line performing "The Story of the Billboard Hot 100 in Song and Word." Their performance will trace the history of the Billboard 100 - the music industry standard for charting recorded music since the inception of the Billboard (a printing company) at the end of the nineteenth century. The band, which many of you will be familiar with from their regular Saturday evenings at 16 Prospect in downtown Westfield, will "sing" the story of Billboard through the music of some of the greatest #1 songs of all time! This includes a special treat for Westfielders as included in the line-up is “Younger Girl" - a 60s hit from "The Critters" - a local Central Jersey band with a strong Westfield connection. Come to the event to find out more! Please pre-register for this fun event by calling 908-654-1794 or by e-mail to westfieldhistoricalsociety@gmail.com . Admission is a $5 donation to the Westfield Historical Society at the door. Light refreshments will be available for sale.


Reeve History & Cultural Resource Center - Phase II Development Plan

The Westfleld Education Center will provide a place to learn more about the historical foundations of Westfield, its people that helped develop the community into a most wonderful place to live. The Education Center will serve as a community focal point in Union County. Using its historical artifacts, documents and stories to paint the picture of life in the West Fields of Elizabethtown from its original Native American inhabitants, through its foundation as a colonial outpost of the British, to its growth as a multi-cultural community after European immigration swelled its population in the early 1900’s, the Education Center will serve as the center of the community. By unnfolding its narrative through a variety of exhibits, multi-media presentations, hands on programs and vibrant lectures and re-enactments, the History & Education Center will help animate our past and present a potential pathway to the decisions facing us in the future. Community spirit through volunteerism, religious institution community outreach and a growing and vibrant business community have always been the foundations upon which our community ranks as a leading place to settle and raise a family. 

Rooted in its history, Westfield reflects many people with many origins but a common purpose focused on community involvement where learning from the past is integral to the journey to the future. The Westfield Historical Society in its Education Center will bring to life, the narrative of its people and their activities that have made this town a focal point of life in Northern New Jersey.

Please help us by making a donation to our Educational Center fund. We need your help to make this a reality!


Westfield High School created a news magazine which featured the Historical Society as its lead story. Robert Wendel, Curator and VP of Community Relations recounts why the Historical Society is community and education focused.

Inside Westfield Episode 1 from Blue Devil Television on Vimeo.


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