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                 2013-14  Lecture/Speaker Programs
Date Topic
Speaker Place

September18 Vintage Baseball
Russ McIver Municipal Buiding - Westfield
October 1 Ancient Greece and Rome Meet Revoluntionary NJ
Dr. ChristopherBellito,
Echo Lake CC
December 3 Who Started WWI?
Mr. James Baker Echo Lake CC
February  CLOSED
NO Luncheon
March Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Disaster
Abott Gorin Echo Lake CC
April Discovery, History and Deciphering of the Rosetta Stone
Sam Mahmoud Echo Lake CC
May Clausen Mfg
Donald Peck Echo Lake CC

On Thursday, September 18 @ 7:30 pm, the Westfield Historical Society will present a program about baseball in New Jersey’s past.  Amateur historian and vintage baseball enthusiast Russ McIver will focus on the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, describing how in 1898, the owner of the team that became the Brooklyn Dodgers passed away and left the team in turmoil.  The 1898 Brooklyn Bridegroom season was one of transition and Allaire, New Jersey played a big part in it. The Bridegrooms had their Spring Training there that year.  The presentation will describe various theories that led to their presence at Allaire and the implications for the team if it was not able to train there.  Different personalities that made up the team with colorful names including Lefty Hopper, Brickyard Kennedy, Candy LaChance and Butts Wagner will be discussed.  That year, the team played in the National League with the Boston Beaneaters, Cleveland Spiders, Chicago Orphans and the New York Giants and finished tenth out of twelve teams.  Additional information will be given as to the role of Allaire (now Allaire State Park) and the Howell Works in New Jersey which was named after James Allaire for whom the Park is named.

The program will be held in the Community Room of the Westfield Municipal Building at 425 E. Broad Street.  It is free and open to the public.  A goodwill donation of $5 per person to help support ongoing programs is appreciated.    Light refreshments, including peanuts and Cracker Jack, will be served.  For more information, please call the Society at 908-654-1794.